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Our Hair Removal System is designed to provide simple, painless, and economical permanent hair removal.  The system works by creating a charge on the skin surface using a non-thermal ion stream. The charged stream is directed to the treatment area using a patented applicator, and a conductive material in contact with the skin is used to target the treatment and dissipate charge.  The goal is to provide a painless, permanent hair removal solution for any hair color/skin tone.


SIDD mediated transfection is designed to provide a non-viral, label-free transfection alternative.  Our device uses a charged stream to facilitate cellular uptake of large membrane impermeable polynucleotides, biologics, and other therapeutic agents.  The process involves exposing prepared cells to a Streaming Ion Discharge (SID).  As ions accumulate, an electric field is generated.  Following SID treatment, cells exhibit a temporary increase in uptake of exogenous molecules.  This makes SID a highly attractive delivery method for gene therapy due to its reversible membrane permeabilization effects that allow for enhanced uptake of nucleic acid constructs like pDNA.

Drug Delivery STEM Genesis

SIDD is designed to enhance delivery for a broad spectrum of therapeutics such as pDNA, antisense oligonucleotides, siRNA, proteins, and drugs.  The device uses a charged stream to facilitate cellular uptake of therapeutic agents.  In preclinical tests, SIDD produced greater expression of delivered gene therapy products, improved therapeutic cellular response, and produced effective gene electrotransfer for cancer treatment.  It has a favorable safety profile, providing enhanced delivery without damage to cells of the epidermis, dermis, hypodermis, or cutaneous adnexa and without damage to dermal collagen, vasculature, or matrix components.

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