In-Vitro Electro Transfection


The Need: With more than 5,000 clinical trials related to gene therapy and more than 70 clinical trials for electroporation, there is a growing need for methods to effectively transfect DNA for therapeutic applications.  Our device uses a Streaming Ion Discharge (SID) to enhance transfection for gene delivery.  Preclinical tests demonstrate SID can provide increased cellular uptake with little or no effect to cell viability. 


The Solution:  SIDD in-vitro transfection is designed to provide a non-viral, label-free transfection alternative.  Our device uses a charged stream to facilitate cellular uptake of large membrane impermeable polynucleotides, biologics, and other therapeutic agents.  The process involves exposing prepared cells to a Streaming Ion Discharge (SID).  As ions accumulate, an electric field is generated.  Following SID treatment, cells exhibit a temporary increase in uptake of exogenous molecules.  This makes SID a highly attractive delivery method for gene therapy due to its reversible membrane permeabilization effects that allow for enhanced uptake of nucleic acid constructs like pDNA .

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