Deep-Sea Power


The Need:  Long-term, cost effective power systems are essential for deploying sensors in water bodies.  The US Military, Homeland Security, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Geological society Environmental Protection Agency, and countless private and academic institutions all use marine instrumentation for a variety of applications including weather prediction, and global climate monitoring, to tactical communication, oil prospecting and tsunami detection. One major problem for deploying sensing equipment and communication devices is finding adequate power sources that permit the operation of sensors for prolonged times.  The currently used technology (battery packs) tend to be extremely heavy, require significant assets to deploy, and must be routinely replaced. 


The Solution:  The MudPower Microbial Fuel Cell offers unique advantages in persistent power generation for aquatic environments. Our modular long-term power solutions harness energy generated in a natural processes by microorganisms found in marine sediments. MudPower’s solution will reduce ship costs from repeated deployments and allow enhanced monitoring of the world’s water bodies.  The use of microbial fuel cells in the marine system represents a game-changing shift in powering marine deployable instrumentation. This product will offer users the potential for enormous savings and extended duration power for their sub-surface marine instrumentation. 


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